A cat that was stuck in a tree is now safe after apparently being stranded high up in the branches for more than two days.

A concerned homeowner, Katelyn O'Brien, who had spotted the cat, contacted CTV News London in hopes someone could help after having no luck getting the cat down.

On Tuesday evening, CTV News broadcast the story of the cat that appeared to be stuck in a tree, and the newsroom was then flooded with phone calls and messages.

Late Tuesday, the cat, which was at least 25 metres above ground, was rescued with the help of a local arborist.

Calvin McCallum of CLC Tree Services brought a boom lift truck to the scene in the area of Highbury Avenue and Brydges Street to bring the cat down.

He says the cat was in rough shape, but, "It's a risk that we take when we are doing it...you're just trying to help out the community."

O'Brien says she had heard the cat crying for several days, but had no luck getting help until her public plea, and is thankful it has all worked out.

"That pulled a little string in my heart, I'm just glad that it's in good shape."

A member of the city's Animal Control Bylaw enforcement took the cat to a local veterinarian to make sure it was in good health.