LONDON, ONT -- Ethan Shelly is overwhelmed by the support strangers, now kind friends, are showing him.

The 13-year old Delhi boy is battling an aggressive form of leukemia.

But in recent weeks, he’s been elated by dozens of birthday cards arriving in the mail.

Shelly recently moved to Delhi from St. Thomas, where he lives with his Grandmother Bridgette Homenuik.

With Ethan’s 14th birthday approaching, May 13, Bridgette decided to put out an online call for birthday cards to lift her Grandson’s spirits.

She told CTV News Sunday morning, “a lot of the cards are from London”, a sign viewers of our original story  have responded to the call.

To date, more than 800 birthday cards have arrived for Ethan.

Ethan Shelly
Ethan Shelly shows the over 800 birthday cards he has received on May 2,2021  (Source: Submitted)

While most are from Southwestern Ontario, the story is still being shared online globally. That has led to some exciting mail.

Letters have come in from California, Texas, England, and most recently Berlin.

All come with an inspiring card to encourage Ethan.

The words are a positive moment in what has been a challenging ten months.

Ethan was diagnosed last June in St. Thomas. He was immediately sent to London for treatment.

He spent a long period in intensive care.

Since then, he and his grandmother have travelled back and forth to the hospital.

“It’s been a real struggle getting a 13-year old to the hospital. It’s an hour drive there, it’s an hour drive home. It’s quite intense,” Bridgette told CTV in April.

She stated Ethan has wanted to quit, but she keeps reminding him “quitting is not an option.”

On Sunday, Bridgette stated she and Ethan are grateful.

“It is truly amazing. Thank you!”

With 11 days until his birthday, there is still time to send cards to Ethan.

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