WINGHAM, ONT. -- The Huron Waves Music Festival was supposed to hit stages across Huron County for its inaugural performances in May and then December.

But the pandemic had other ideas, cancelling the festival all together. That was until the Ministry of Culture and Tourism came up with some funding to help festivals like Huron Waves to “reimagine” their events.

So, it turns out there will be a Huron Waves concert in December, it’ll just be online.

“We’re excited. In fact, this may take Southwestern Ontario internationally, in a way that a live program set in Exeter or Clinton, couldn’t have done,” says John Miller, Artistic Director for the Huron Waves Music Festival.

Huron Waves: Celebrate the Season will be available online 3 p.m. Sunday as well as on  YouTube and Facebook.

The initial “live” music festival was going to feature artists from around the world, but this reimagined festival features musicians and artists from Huron County.

“The focus of this is local. It’s Huron County, and all the areas around here that wish they were Huron County,” says Miller.

Artists include a world renowned cellist from Wingham, a critically acclaimed soprano from Goderich, a ballerina from Hensall, and First Nations drummers from the Stoney and Kettle Point. The narrator is none other than Canadian acting icon, Graham Greene.

“Graham is an old friend of mine. We’re so excited to have such a distinguished Canadian actor involved. It brings us great distinction,” says Miller.

While Miller hopes to return to some live performances in 2021, the virtual Huron Waves concert may be here to stay.

“Maybe it will be a combination of live performances, in say May, which we’d initially hoped would be our inaugural time. Then, maybe a Christmas season video, as well. Because, there’s no shortage of talent, and I get the sense there’s a lot of people who may want to enjoy it,” he says.

Huron Waves -Celebrate the Season is free to watch and will be available until the end of they year.