LONDON, ONT. -- As music venues across North America shut their doors due to COVID-19, a Canadian country music couple is adapting.

"When the pandemic hit, Eric (Ethridge) and I lost all of our shows, so we thought why don't we get a van, build it out into a home and start touring," says Kalsey Kulyk.

Ethridge, from Sarnia, Ont. lost a 60-date arena tour, while his wife missed out on a number of festival shows.

They bought a new Ford Transit van, and have already done 15 performances in the past month across Canada.

"We created this thing called 'Love on the Road,' put a stage on the roof and have played a ton of shows, it’s been going amazing," says Kulyk.

Ethridge feels this style of concert is more intimate, and so far they've been able to connect and get to know their fans, while physical distancing.

"We realized this (COVID-19) isn't going away anytime soon," says Ethridge, who is up for three awards this weekend at the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO) awards.

"This could potentially last into next year, and maybe even 2020. Live music is the first to go, and last to come back because it isn't an essential service. We wanted to bring live entertainment to people in a time that is difficult for everybody."

Eric Ethridge and Kalsey Kulyk

After this weekend's CMAO drive-in awards show at London's Western Fair District, the husband and wife will hit the road along with their dog for Western Canada. They will then head south for the winter.

"To book a show, just go to and apply and our team will book a show with you," says Kulyk. "We will literally drive up to your house, set up a stage and sound equipment and play for you."

For a more in-depth look at the inside of the van, check out the video below.