While most Londoners are looking forward to another relaxing summer weekend, candidates running some of the largest mayoral campaigns are going to be hard at work.

Election day is still two-and-a-half months away, but the first busy weekend in the race for London's mayor is here.

Mayoral candidate Roger Caranci is preparing for the first big event of his campaign, Saturday's kitchen table cabinet meeting with community stakeholders to discuss his election platform.

"We want to make sure that we hear their critique and we want to make sure we hear all facets of what people have to say and how to make things better so we're looking forward to it," he says.

Candidate Matt Brown spent Friday canvassing, and will officially open his campaign headquarters with an event on Sunday.

"It's a meeting place, it's a place where we can organize and it's a place where we can open our doors to the community if they have questions and want to learn more about the campaign."

Meanwhile Joe Swan's campaign has already dotted the city's busiest corners with election signs.

"It really is starting to feel that the election time is here and each of us will be laying out our platforms and hopefully London will have some very good choices to make."

While some Londoners question if it will really take 11 weeks to get to know the candidates, others say the more educated voters are on the candidates, the better.

So far there are 14 candidates seeking the mayor's seat this Oct. 27th and a full list can be found on the City of London website.