ST. THOMAS, ONT. -- Just days after thousands lined up for the chance to be an extra in the Jason Momoa series ‘See,’ the Hollywood star has received a unique invite.

Participants at Our Place Respite in St. Thomas, a program for adults with disabilities, have produced a creative video encouraging the star to visit them.

Momoa will be in St. Thomas from February through July, filming new episodes of his Apple TV series.

The residents started producing the humorous film to attract Momoa few a weeks ago.

The co-owner of Our Place Respite, Samantha Daniels, says it was her idea to create the video but the participants took over.

“We really hope he notices. We really go over the top when we do anything cause we just love having fun."

It begins with young men and women questioning themselves why Momoa would want to visit them.

After some laughs, a dance party and some fun baking, the participants quickly realize they are amongst the ‘coolest’ people in St. Thomas.

Jonathan Daye is a key participant in the movie. An aspiring actor and speaker, he’d loved to not only meet Momoa but get a small walk on in ‘See.’

"It would blow my mind, I mean literally mind blown...everywhere!"

The Facebook video has already been shared with Momoa on Instagram and Twitter.