KINCARDINE, ONT. -- It’s been nearly eight years since Joe Moore went missing, but the search is not over.

Debbie Bedard, Moore’s sister, says, “When he went missing I kept waiting for the police to come tell me they had found him, but as time went on obviously they didn’t come to tell me that. So we’d like some resolution and to find out what happened to him."

The search for Moore reignited Friday, thanks to Bedard and the amateur detectives at Please Bring Me Home. They are an Owen Sound-based group that has been working cold cases and searching for missing people from Grey-Bruce since 2018.

Nick Oldrieve is one of the founders of Please Bring Me Home.

“Oct. 31, 2012, [Moore] was last seen here at the Davidson Centre in Kincardine. Multiple witnesses saw him here, and we’ve spoken to all of those people. After that , he has just not been seen again,” he says.

A black coat, like one he used to wear, washed up near Kincardine a year after he went missing. But since then, there’s not been much action on his case.

Joe Moore

“It doesn’t take long for cases to go cold. Law enforcement has a very small window to find something before something else moves to the top of the pile. It’s not their fault. It’s just the way it is,” says Oldrieve.

A part of the Kincardine trail system near Davidson Centre was closed by the municipality, so a cadaver dog could search for Joe’s remains, or clues that might lead to him being found.

It’s a start, says his sister, who has waited too long for answers.

“It’s so wonderful what the Please Bring Me Home crew is doing for all the people that have gone missing and the cold cases. It’s such a relief to have someone looking into it and wanting to help us,” says Bedard.