LONDON, ONT. -- The cure for cabin fever is here for outdoor enthusiasts as conservation areas open to the public.

Fanshawe, Pittock, and Wildwood are all now open for day use, with seasonal camping coming on in the next couple of weeks.

Of course there will be some new rules to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, but Gary Cheesman, a seasonal camper at Fanshawe, says he doesn’t mind.

"We socialize but it’s not going to be too much of a problem for us and I don’t know...we’re just looking forward to coming back."

Seasonal Camping begins June 8th at Fanshawe and Pittock. Fanshawe assistant superintendent Damian Schofield asks park-users to be patient, as they slowly get ramped up with a smaller staff than normal, due to pandemic measures.

"Give staff a little bit of patience. We’re finding getting some of the registration and permits is taking a little bit longer and a little bit slower because they have to do smaller numbers. And really they’ve been doing a great jon since March for small distancing and staying in small groups, and just continue doing that and enjoy Fanshawe while they’re here."

At Wildwood, seasonal camping begins one week later on June 15th. Superintendent Paul Switzer said the park has been busy this week with day-users.

"Everyone has a different comfort level. We’re seeing people coming out and it’s like this is their first time outside in a while and they’re very refreshed to be able to be out doing stuff."

Boat launches have opened at all three parks, though motorized boats won’t be allowed at Pittock until June 8th.

Boater Willy Wallace hit the water for the first time Tuesday at Wildwood.

"Oh it’s awesome. Been waiting for a long winter. Finally get to get back out here and it’s perfect."

Washroom facilities and playground equipment remain closed at all three conservation areas for the time being.

There’s no timeline from the province yet on when overnight camping will be allowed.