In an attempt to crack down on the annual illegal parties on Broughdale Avenue, the city is considering raising fines for party hosts and landlords to $25,000.

The unsanctioned 'Fake Homecoming' or FOCO drew about 20,000 people to the area around Broughdale, just south of the Western University campus, in September.

In 2018, 57 people were sent to hospital. No criminal charges were laid but 134 provincial offence notices were issued for actions like having open liquor and public urination.

Streets had to be closed and numerous first responders were on scene.

City staff estimate the cost for policing, paramedics, etc. was more than $200,000, with more expense to the public and private homeowners for the clean-up.

Now the city will consider whether to introduce changes to the Public Nuisance Bylaw that would include cost recovery and clean-up amendments, and increase the maximum fine from $10,000 to $25,000.

The changes would put the responsibility for preventing, ending and cleaning up after nuisance parties on the occupants or owner.

Possible actions like hiring security could be directed by the city and if those actions aren't taken, the city can do so and charge the tenant or absentee landlord for the cost.

The city is also appyling to have the fines for a number of provincial offences increased.