LONDON, ONT. -- Fitness outlets, movie theatres and entertainment centres are getting ready to open after the province announced its plans for Stage 3 on Monday.

Alec Pinchin, owner of Fitness Forum in south London says it’s been the most difficult time in more than thirty years but they are being cautious when they re-open on Monday.

"We need to be safe, we need to get this right the first time we can't miss on it," said Pinchin.

"We'll open for 90 minutes and close for 30 while we clean. We’re fogging machines, all types of things like that and spaced out our equipment."

Hyland Cinema on Wharncliffe Road is taking more time to ensure safety, as they are opening with seating for 50 on July 24.

"We've got all the cleaning and all the misting done," said co-owner Moira Adlan. "We've got the separation between the rows and online ordering for tickets and concessions."

Entertainment centres like Ichabod's Escape on Richmond are planning to open Friday.

Co-owner David Korhonen says, for an interactive facility they are taking all the necessary precautions.

"We'll be taking temperatures if you like. We fog and sterilize before you get here," said Korhonen. "You play with your bubble only and your friends and then you leave and we sterilize."

Korhonen says he’s counting down to Friday because it’s been a long four months.