LONDON, ONT. -- In what is normally a male-driven industry, one southwestern Ontario company is changing that dynamic with a majority of female project managers.

“We’ve demonstrated really well the fact that all our project managers for all of our locations are women who didn’t necessarily have previous construction experience, but are really excelling in these roles,” says Connie Adams, the regional operational manager for Brookstone Window and Doors.

For those coming into the company, like 18-year veteran in the industry Kim Turner, the experience is not something she’s seen before.

“It’s very rare, very rare. Anywhere else I’ve been, for the most part has been a male-dominated company. It’s nice to see that Brookstone is open to anybody and especially women.”

Meanwhile Richelle Row, who is relatively new to the industry, found it shocking.

“At first, I was thrown back, 'cause normally this is a male-dominated industry. But honestly, being here and working with them they’re amazing, they are very empowering. (I) learn lots from them, it’s just amazing to see that women can also dominate in this industry as well.”

When looking for new talent, Adams says they don’t overlook me for the sake of offering a job to a woman, but says it’s important to have different perspectives.

“Men can do the job very well, also. But what we’re saying and what we’re highlighting is that we have all women right now in our project management roles, and they’re excelling at it. It’s proving to other companies that we can do the job, and do it really, really well.”

With locations in Windsor, Cambridge and London and more coming on line soon, Adam says they are looking for people with special skills.

“We’re a very fast-paced environment, for sure. That’s number one. And it’s a challenging environment, but with that it’s very, very rewarding. We need someone who is good at multi-tasking, very organized, but also very good with working with customers. That’s our number one priority.”