LONDON, ONT. -- It’s something that Lindsay Cole of London will never forget.

On Thursday morning she was walking her dog Rex in the Sarnia Road and Oakcrossing Gate area when out of nowhere Rex was attacked by two Akitas on the loose.

The dog suffered severe gashes to its neck and head.

“It was the most vicious attack, the dogs were charging at us,” said Cole. “One dog grabbed hold of my dogs left side and never let go he was just pulling and tearing at my dog’s neck.”

Cole says during the attack a number of motorists witnessed what was going on but no one was stopping to help until one man bravely intervened.

“It must have been for him too to be witnessing that,” said Cole. “I cannot thank him enough and I wish I could thank you in person but I didn't get any of your information because it happened so quickly.”

The London Animal Care Centre has been called in to investigate the incident and even though the dogs have been returned to the owner charges have been laid.

“Any given year I deal with between 300 and 400 dog bites,“ said Chris Lewis from the centre.

“This one unfortunately was one that was worse. Primarily almost every single dog bite investigation that I deal with has something to do with the dog being at large.”

So far Cole’s veterinarian bill has topped $4000. She’s hoping the owner of the Akitas steps forward to pay.

“I never want this happening to anybody else it was the worst thing I've ever experienced,” said Cole.