LONDON, ONT. -- A compliance order and director’s order have been lifted at Brucelea Haven Nursing Home in Walkerton.

Bruce County Council issued a statement calling it an accomplishment and recognizing the hard work of many to meet all criteria.

Admissions to Brucelea were halted in July by the Ministry of Health, following months of non-compliance by the county-run retirement facility.

A ministry report also suggested staffing shortages contributed to the deaths of two residents.

Three Bruce long-term care administrators were fired for the shortcomings at the care centre.

The statement by Bruce council notes the next step is the opening of new resident admissions.

“As we continue our journey the County of Bruce is committed to ensuring that Brucelea Haven and Gateway Haven are considered to be two of the top homes in the province. The County of Bruce would like to reinforce that we will continue on the path to explore new ways to enhance the quality of care we provide to our residents,” said Bruce County Warden Mitch Twolan.