WINGHAM, ONT. -- Bruce Power aims to be the first nuclear plant in North America to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2027.

“One of the largest emissions reduction initiatives in a generation the phase out of coal in Ontario was made possible by Bruce Power,” says Bruce Power CEO Mike Rencheck. “We are building on this leadership role by recognizing that we will be successful in our fight against climate change by leveraging our existing assets as part of our clean energy agenda.”

Rencheck says by producing 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity through nuclear technology Bruce Power is already eliminating 19 million tones of greenhouse gas emissions from Ontario’s air each year.

But they want to go further.

Rencheck says by minimizing and offsetting their GHG emissions from things like generators, vehicles, boilers, and furnaces, they can further reduce their carbon emissions.

Bruce Power says they will work with their hundreds of nuclear suppliers to limit their greenhouse gas emissions moving forward.

Canada has stated they want the entire country to be net zero by 2050.