Supporters and opponents of Bus Rapid Transit had something they could agree on following Monday’s marathon funding meeting: they didn’t get what they wanted, mostly.

It’s a compromise that sees two major sections of BRT scrapped, but three of five segments in place to be put forward for senior government funding.

Following a marathon meeting in which councillors were to decide which transit projects to submit for funding, it was decided that the south route (White Oaks Mall), east route (Fanshawe College), and the downtown loop would be put forward.

That means north route to Masonville is off the table, along with a west route down Oxford Street, leaving London with a lopsided transit map.

Council also supported several transit projects not related to BRT including synchronized traffic lights, bus stop enhancements, and cycling improvements to the Adelaide Grade separation.

According to City Treasurer Anna Lisa Barbon, Council’s decision to leaves $94-million in senior funding “on the table.”

Councillor Stephen Turner warned that accessing those funds would now require London taxpayers to ante up about $25-million more, that wouldn’t have been needed if council stuck to the original BRT plan.

The list of transit projects being submitted to senior government funding was approved at Tuesday’s council meeting.