Mayor Matt Brown chose to focus on job creation and economic development success stories Tuesday morning.

Although Brown also admitted to more than 1000 business leaders in attendance that London still has fewer jobs today than it had in 2007 before the recession.

"While we should all be worried about our unemployment numbers, there are numerous indicators that suggest momentum is building," said Brown.

As the campaign style tone grew as he wrapped up his speech with more references to London's momentum.

"Building, growing, creating momentum. Promises made and promises kept. A culture change at city hall, multiyear budgets with affordable taxes... hundreds of millions for bus rapid transit.

This momentum is because of you," said Brown.

Afterwards, the mayor received applause from the crowd but there wasn't a standing ovation like in 2015 and 2016.

Those who have already indicated they will run against Brown for the mayor's office in this fall's election watched Tuesday's speech closely.

"Today is the mayor's day and I want to respect that," said Paul Cheng.

Cheng may not have chose to comment but Paul Paolatto took direct aim at Brown's record.

"When you don't have much to say in terms of accomplishment, you do a lot of bobbing and weaving and try to explain that everybody else's success can be attributed to you," says Paolatto.

In the mayor's virtual shopping list of job and economic development announcements there was one noticeable exception, the casino proposal at the Western Fair District.

Gateway Casinos expressed its surprise to CTV News.

"I'm a bit disappointed, the mayor talked about $300 million in new investment, well we are bringing $140 million, you know jobs, 700 new jobs. I thought we should have been a part of the story to be quite frank," said spokesperson Rob Mitchell.

The mayor explained the omission.

"Well, you have a limited amount of time to deliver the speech and I have to tell you talks are underway, I think those talks need to continue," said Brown.

There is no firm timeline for completing those talks between the city, the Western Fair and Gateway Casinos although Gateway has said it wants to break ground as soon as possible.