City officials have confirmed that both Mayor Matt Brown and councilor Maureen Cassidy have decided to forego their pay during their respective leaves of absence following a sex scandal that has rocked City Hall.

Brown will not be collecting pay while he is on leave, according to a tweet from his communications office.

His office says Brown will also be paying for the Integrity Commissioner's time in respect to yesterday's meeting.

The pair has come under fire after they admitted to an affair, prompting both to take time away from Council.

On Tuesday Cassidy resigned her post as deputy mayor confirming rumours of an affair with the mayor.

Brown followed suit with a written statement, announcing he would be taking time away from City Hall to be with his family.

In his first televised interview since the news broke, Brown told CTV News that the he and Cassidy crossed a professional line after developing a friendship. He also said that the affair had been over for “some time.”

You can watch the full interview here.

Since issuing a statement on Tuesday Cassidy has disappeared from the public eye, asking for privacy while she spends time with her family. Friday morning her public twitter account was deleted.

Brown met with the newly minted Integrity Commissioner on Thursday.

If his actions are found to have breached his professional responsibilities the Mayor says he is ready to abide by any recommendations the Commissioner may have.

There have also been many calls for his resignation, something he says he is not prepared to do at this time.

A poll found that 66 per cent of responders feel Brown should resign. As of 8:30 a.m. more than 1400 viewers have voted.