LONDON, ONT. -- Some local musicians want to see more women making a living from music, so they are encouraging more girls to become rock stars.

Savanah Sewell has worked behind the scenes in the music industry at events and many venues across the region.

Sewell says that throughout the years she noticed that less women worked in the industry compared to men.

“If you’re talking about an arena show, it is typically male dominated, so you get really excited when you see another woman backstage.”

Savanah Sewell
London, Ont. musician Savanah Sewell. (Supplied)

To change that and bring more women to the spotlight, Sewell helped create London Girls Rock Camp (LGRC).

It's a musical program led by female musicians that teaches campers aged eight to 15 years old.

Campers learn how to play different instruments but they are also taught self love and confidence-building.

“We want to change and grow and that what the camp is about. We’re really trying to say, look this is what the industry is like, but with people like you picking up a guitar and learning about how a show works, all those skills will help you so you have confidence, you feel good, where you can walk into a situation being probably the only one and hold your own," she says.

LGRC is open and welcomes to anyone who self-identifies as female, trans and gender non-conforming.

One famous local musician breaking down barriers for women is Sarah Smith.

Sarah Smith has played every venue under the sun while working as a touring musician for decades.

"In the touring world I was like the only woman I knew on the road, thank goodness I had people protecting me, my bandmates always protected me.”

To create more safe spaces for women in music, Smith says the first step is to spread awareness.

“I think the best thing to do is just to continue talking about it…Don’t let somebody tell you, you’re good for a girl. I have seen some of the best musicians in the world are women…we are as powerful as we want to be.”

Sarah Smith
Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah Smith (Supplied)

Due to COVID-19 the LGRC is being held virtually mid-April.

Organizers are planning to send instruments home to those who sign up for the week-long program.

There are limited spots left, to register click here.