A skunk in trouble got a helping hand from a London resident after becoming trapped in a pool on Monday morning.

Renate Reabel says she was looking out her back window in the Wharncliffe Road and Riverside Drive area, when she noticed the skunk swimming in the home's pool, which had been closed for the season.

She then used a pool leaf scoop to fish out the animal, who appeared to be exhausted by the ordeal.

Once out, Reabel says the skunk could barely raise its head, so she wrapped it in a towel and warm blanket and held it close for about an hour.

When it finally began to come to, she set it on a hot water bottle and left out an enticing snack, before retreating a few feet away.

About 45 minutes later, she says the skunk, "picked herself up, pulled herself out of the warm cocoon, ate the berries and and honey I left for her then took off."

"I really can't believe she survived, I honestly did not think she would make it," she added.