OPP are trying out a new social media program, BOLO, to help them find the province’s most wanted criminals.

Maxime Langlois, Be on the Lookout (BOLO) program director, says "Think of us as a free marketing agency for priority most wanted notices. We are looking for the 15 most wanted people in Canada and making sure people are going to see that."

The hunt for a man wanted in a 15-year-old murder is the first focus of the program - run by a Quebec-based non-profit - in Ontario.

In 2002, 18-year old Riad Baroud, was beaten and bound in the Windsor-area before his body was dumped in a rural area near Highway 401 in Chatham-Kent.

Police says the suspected wanted in the murder, 56-year-old Savang aka Syvang Sychantha, then fled.

OPP Det. Insp. Randy Wright says, "The fact that he has possibly fled over to Laos, or is in one of our major cities across Canada.”

There have been few breaks in the case since 2008, but with a $50,000 reward still in place, there’s hope a renewed push that includes BOLO could change that.

Wright says, "We're hoping to gather momentum on the case again. Somebody out there knows where this man is."