Blyth's Harry Potter-themed Festival of Wizardry has been cancelled Sunday because of weather.

Organizers released the following statement Saturday night, citing safety issues from weather conditions as the main concern for the move.


Thank you to everyone for an absolutely amazing day today at the second annual Festival of Wizardry 2017! We are so honoured and touched that so many of you made such a long journey to be involved with the festival and are so excited you were able to be a part of something so special to us.

Unfortunately tomorrow’s weather report is quite serious and calls for extreme high winds (70-80km/h winds), lightning storms and heavy rains.

With the risk of lightning the tents become unsafe and the high winds make the entire venue dangerous due to its’ open nature.

Additionally, quidditch, the food trucks, vendors, kids area, kidditch and the selfie park will all become unsafe and potentially dangerous due to the anticipated weather conditions tomorrow.

As a result we are cancelling the event for tomorrow.

We know this is not what everyone wants to hear after such an amazing day but we want to get the word out so that everyone is safe and aware of what is happening tomorrow in the most pro-active manner we can.

Our apologies and we wish that we had a different message for tomorrow but we are absolutely putting the safety of our guests first and foremost. Please understand that we considered all possible options and determined for your safety we simply had to cancel the final day of this event.

Thank you all so much for being here today and we look forward to seeing you next year!