WINGHAM, ONT. -- The Blyth Festival is putting its 2020 theatre season on hold.

No plays will hit the Blyth stage until further notice, due to concerns over COVID-19.

It’s the first time in the Festival’s 46-year history that a season has been suspended.

“As a community leader, the Festival owes a responsibility to help support and amplify the life-saving message of our Public Health officials, and their initiatives of physical distancing," says Gil Garratt, Festival artistic director.

"We also know that storytelling and live theatre is a crucial part of community health, and we will be here for this region, and for all Canadian audiences and artists, when the time for us to directly help our community heal is at hand.”

The Blyth Festival season was supposed to start June 10 with five plays, including the only play Alice Munro ever wrote, How I Met My Husband.

Meanwhile, the Grand Theatre is putting more than just its season on hold.

Theatre officials say they are delaying $8 million worth of renovations that were set to get underway this spring.

Officials had just recently announced the cancellation of the High School Project which is a production driven by students.