SEAFORTH, ONT. -- Jason Lamont says he loves to watch hockey. Unfortunately, Jason can’t see anything. He’s been blind since birth, but that hasn’t stopped him from announcing hockey games.

The Seaforth native started announcing goals and penalties in his hometown rink two years ago. He’s now the in-game voice for both the Seaforth Generals and Centenaires.

“You’ve got to love hockey to do this, and I do love hockey. Even though I can’t actually see the action on the ice,” says Lamont.

Since he can’t see, Lamont listens for the referee’s whistle to know when to crank the in-game music he controls on his laptop.

He receives the names of goal scorers via a walkie-talkie from ice level, before sharing it over the public announcement system with fans.

It’s all quite a challenge, but one he loves.

Jason says, “This is what I do in the winter time. In the summer, I fix bicycles.”