LONDON, Ont. -- Diane Yeo believes she's lucky to be alive after an alleged drunk driver smashed his car through the front of her home last month.

"My head was against the wall...had he went straight, I’d be dead...but he veered off," she says.

It's been three weeks since the Oct. 27 incident, which destroyed her home and shut down two businesses on Blackfriars Street.

"Physically I was not harmed, but psychologically I am...I'm healing day by day."

The mindfulness coach hasn't been working, but has been using her skills to heal from the trauma.

"I help people who have crisis anxiety. I have strong mindset already and I am naturally more positive and grateful."

She says that attitude has helped her "bounce back."

While Yeo is still out of her home across the street the fencing has come down at Spotless Paws Pet Salon.

Owner Genny Mount says, "It is nice to be back home," after having her windows and front door smashed out in the crash.

"It's been tough, but we've been managing," says Mount. She says she's been renting a space and allowing close clients in her house.

"My clients have been so supportive, and I’m booking again which is nice."

Her neighbour Rob Dore from Society Cafe told us he's currently at a stalemate.

"I'm not able to look at another place or move on because I'm in a lease with my current location," says Dore. "When you are dealing with landlords, re-construction companies and city hall, I'm in the awkward situation of not being able to do anything."

He's had a pop-up shop one day a week at Trails End Market, but with slower traffic, he hasn't committed beyond this month.

Yeo, says she loves the neighbourhood, but she'll never live in her home again, even though it is being rebuilt.

She also says she wants to see the man who caused the destruction.

"The last couple days there has been anger because there is a realization of how his actions have impacted me, but I'm not hanging on to the resentment."

Yeo hopes he can eventually make a positive impact on society, but also hopes there is consequences for his actions.

Twenty-year-old Tyrease Phouttharath will be facing two impaired charges when he makes his first court appearance Wednesday morning.