When Gary Woodland won the 119th US Open, St. Thomas' Brennan Little was beside him every step of the way.

"Any tournament is good to win, the Majors are even better," Little told TSN's Bob Weeks after the win.

Little and Woodland were on the same page all week, and it led to Gary's first major championship. The biggest mutal decision between the three year partners, was deciding to go for the par five 14th in two.

"On 14 when I can rely on him under the gun... He's been around a lot longer than I have, so I I trust him with everything i do," says Woodland.

Woodland added that it's Little's work eithic that helps drive him, and gives him the confidence in tournaments down the stretch.

Over four days, the pair turned in four rounds in the sixties and a final score of 13 under par.

At St. Thomas Golf and Country Club, where Little was an Ontario Junior Champion, and recently inducted Hall of Famer, the talk was about another major win.

"I'm not suprised that he managed to steer him home," says Head Professional Mike Long. "He guided Mike weir home at the 2003 Masters."

Doug Walker was watching closely Sunday. His son Jace (a current PGA Tour Caddie) switched from player to carrying the bag after Little's suggestion a few years back.

"Brennan had personal talent, where he made it to the Canadian Tour," says Walker. "With so many years on the PGA Tour he has such great knowledge of the golf courses, the swing and his players... now he's got two majors with two different players

Little won eight times on the bag for Mike Weir, and now he and Woodland now have a pair of wins as partners. He says he was young when he went on that run with Mike Weir years ago, and didn't really appreciate it as much as he does now.

"With it being on Fathers Day, and i'm almost 50," says Little. "You just never know whether you get one again, so this means a lot "

Many sources including Forbes Magazine have cited caddies taking home a 10% bonus for their players victory. With Woodland making 2.25 Million American Dollars Sunday, that would mean Little would potentially having a payday of 225 thousand U.S. Dollars .