LONDON, ONT. -- Residents in London and St. Thomas have been dealing with a solid-as-a-rock headache after the weekend's snowfall and fluctuating temperatures.

St. Thomas resident Adam McBurney says by the time the city got around to plowing his street early Sunday morning, the salt had caused everything to turn to slush.

That slush froze quickly and he was left with a large pile of immovable ice boulders.

“We found a three-foot wall of ice at the end of our driveway. And my primary concern was, you know, if there had been an emergency we wouldn't have been able to get out first thing in the morning. And if I was an old person, like a 70-year-old or 80-year-old like my father-in-law, he wouldn't have been able to handle that.”

His father-in-law, Murray Adlam, found himself chipping away at the pile with his shovel but not getting very far.

“It's just solid ice, solid ice,” he complained. “Just boulders of ice, which, they just leave it in taxpayers' hands, how you supposed to get rid of this stuff? I know it's a difficult question for the city but I think it's unconscionable to leave a mess like this for people to have to dig out on their own.”

McBurney vented on social media, tweeting directly to the City of St. Thomas and Mayor Joe Preston, calling it “unacceptable.”

The mayor replied, tweeting “we wish we could be in exactly the right spot at the right time not to cause issues for homeowners.”

Many London residents had a similar winter-storm hangover.

Private snow-plow operator Brad Charlton says he helped a number of customers with the same icy problem.

“Thousands of customers probably around the city that have huge 200-pound snowballs.”

In London snow removal took all of Sunday in order to keep up.

That continued into Monday with sidewalk plowing and sanding.