We've found the best Christmas displays in London and put them on a map just for you. We also have a list of some of the top light displays across the region.

And if you can't get out for a drive, check out the videos above for some of the best light displays you'll see in the London area.

Must See in London

Dartmouth Drive
Jena Crescent
Martinet Place
2091 Mountbatten Place
Victoria Park
800 Guildwood Boulevard
Southwood Crescent
532 Chiddington Avenue
84 Adelaide Street South
79 Guildford Crescent
Ronald McDonald House, 741 Baseline Road East

Other Top Spots in London

Dunedin Drive
Vancouver Street
82 Duncan Crescent
Thorne Avenue
Admiral Drive
Palmerston Place
Speight Boulevard
Hudson Drive
Wexford Drive, north of Admiral
Dartmouth Drive
Dorinda Street
35 Patience Crescent
Hudson Drive
1705 Devos Drive
90 Godfrey Drive

Around the Region

4254 Trafalgar Steet, east of Crumlin, Thames Centre
98 Village Gate Drive, Dorchester
1 Eric Drive, Dorchester
220 Songbird Lane, Ilderton
10 Mile Road, east of Hyde Park Road, Ilderton
Festival of Lights, parks across Ingersoll
Glen Avenue, Ingersoll
Parkhouse Drive, Mt. Brydges
291 Selbourne Drive, Port Stanley
Waterfront, Port Stanley
Lyons Line, north of Springfield
64 Greenway Boulevard, St. Thomas
51 St. George Street, St. Thomas
84 Pearl Street, Tillsonburg
123 Dufferin Street, Aylmer
47 Clarence Street, Aylmer
Museum Square, Woodstock

Woodstock has a number of beautiful displays, and you can purchase a map from the city.