If you're looking to check out some amazing Christmas light displays, check out our list* of locations to get started.

  • Jena Crescent (east)
  • Martinet Place (east)
  • Admiral Drive (east)
  • Palmerston Place (east)
  • Speight Boulevard (east)
  • Mountbatten Place (east)
  • Duncan Crescent (northeast)
  • Killarney Court (northeast)
  • Nicole Avenue (Stoney Creek, northeast)
  • Guildwood Boulevard (northwest)
  • Southwood Crescent (off of Baseline Road West)
  • Singleton Avenue (south)
  • Guildford Crescent (Westmount)
  • Ferndale Avenue (south)
  • Chiddington Avenue (and on nearby Torrington Crescent)
  • Ridgeview Place (north)
  • 2386 Main Street (Lambeth)

There are also some great spots outside of the city:

  • 4254 Trafalgar Street (Thames Centre, west of Shaw Road)
  • Village Gate Drive (Dorchester)
  • Greenway Boulevard (St. Thomas)
  • Donker Drive (St. Thomas)
  • Selbourne Drive (Port Stanley)
  • Riverfront Highway 4 by Matilda Street (Port Stanley)
  • Parkhouse Drive (Mount Brydges)
  • Festival of Lights (Ingersoll, begin your tour at Centennial Park)
  • 42094 Salem Road (northeast of Wingham)
  • Drew Street by Light Street (Woodstock)
  • Devonshire Avenue by Clarke Street North (Woodstock)
  • Village Gate Drive (Dorchester)

Here are some viewer suggested spots as well:

  • 1134 Trafalgar Street (east)
  • Thorne Avenue (east)
  • Ferguson Line (just off Wellington Road)
  • Quebec Street (just north of Dundas Street)
  • Villeneuve Crescent (east)
  • Chestnut Street (St. Thomas)
  • Myrtle Street (by Ross Street, St. Thomas)
  • Fairview Road near John Wise Line (south of St. Thomas)
  • 140 Merritt Street (Ingersoll)
  • Jane Road (near Thamesville)
  • Ilderton Road (Ilderton, just east of Hyde Park Road)
  • Belmont Park (Belmont)

*Please note this is not a comprehensive list.

If you know of a location that should be added to our list message us on Facebook or leave a comment below.

Check out a preview of some of the amazing locations:

Mountbatten Place



Another Holiday House you should check out. This one is on Mountbatten Pl in the east end of #ldnont If your lucky you will see Santa and Mrs Claus Tune your radio to 89.5 FM

Posted by CTV London on Sunday, December 13, 2015
Guildwood Boulevard

Two houses on Guildwood Blvd is a must for your Holiday Drive. #ldnont

Posted by CTV London on Friday, December 11, 2015

Guildford Crescent


Here is another Holiday House. It's on 79 GuildFord Cres. in the Westmount area of London. Tune your radio to 90.1 FM

Posted by CTV London on Friday, December 11, 2015

Southwood Crescent


This house on Southwood Cres is sure worth the drive. They seem to have the Christmas spirit.

Posted by CTV London on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jena Crescent


While out driving check out Jena Cres in the east end of #ldnont Most of the houses are decorated

Posted by CTV London on Monday, December 14, 2015