The Canadian Cancer Society’s Elgin-Middlesex Unit has launched a unique series of educational videos to help connect the public with local cancer researchers and show the progress they’re making.

Six ‘Bench to Bedside’ videos for YouTube have been created so far by Western PhD candidates who are all trainees at the Lawson Health Research Institute and volunteers with the local branch of the Cancer Society.

The videos address a variety of topics from an introduction titled ‘What is Cancer?’ to basic science and different research areas.

Courtney Coschi is one of those involved in creating the videos, she says “We describe what cancer is and what it’s not. There’s a lot of myths that are going around out there…Cancer, it’s over 100 different diseases and at its most fundamental level it’s uncontrolled cell divisions.”

The group hopes the videos will lead to a better understanding of the disease and the impact that research is having on treatment.

Lee Jones, a facilitator with the Canadian Cancer Society, says “[We] thought we could reach a broader group if we did videos. So the researchers worked with students from Fanshawe and created a series of videos which shows the scientific research investigation process from bench-side all the way to bedside.”

To view all the videos you can visit the Canadian Cancer Society’s channel on YouTube.