LONDON, ONT. -- While the discussion of toilet paper seems to be a hot topic these days, have you thought about your toilet?

As we spend more time at home, we want to make sure that our toilets do not back up causing us to have bigger issues than running out of the paper itself.

It may be obvious, or even sound silly, but we are reminded of the three Ps as we resist flushing anything other than pee, poop, and (toilet) paper down the toilet.

Canadian municipalities strongly remind you that your toilet is not a trash can.

"At a time when we are being quarantined or self-isolated at home due to COVID-19, nobody wants a situation that would force you out of your home where you are safest," observed Robert Haller, executive director of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA).

While the CWWA understand that there are alternative products which customers use when they run out of toilet paper, they want you to understand that not all products are flushable.

Flushing anything other than the 'obvious' can lead to clogs, blockages and damage to wastewater equipment.

Trying to flush items like sanitary products or wipes can cause clogging, which could result in overflows of sewage into our lakes and rivers.

Likewise, pouring substances such as fats, oils, and grease down your sink can cause similar issues.

"To be clear, it doesn’t matter if the manufacturer claims on the package label it is ‘flushable,’ it is not. We have also seen the increased flushing of cleaning wipes and rubber gloves in recent weeks," said Mr. Haller.

Barry Orr, Sewer Outreach and Control Inspector for the City of London suggests that we remember that toilets are not trash cans.