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Bat in the region tests positive for rabies

(Source: jarun011/iStock/Getty Images Plus) (Source: jarun011/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Southwestern Public Health is warning that a bat in the region has tested positive for rabies.

Found in Dutton-Dunwich, the bat was sent for testing after two people were potentially exposed to the saliva of the bat.

“If you have been bitten or scratched by an animal, the first step is to wash the wound right away with soap and water. The second step is to seek medical attention. The third step is to report all animal bites to your local public health unit so that we can investigate and assess the risk of rabies transmission,” said Program Manager for Environmental Health Amy Pavletic

According to public health, the people are receiving rabies post-exposure prophylaxis which will prevent them from contracting the virus.

Rabies is a viral disease that is spread through the saliva of an infected animal.

It affects an animal’s brain and eventually leads to death.

Although the risk of rabies is extremely low, humans exposed to the virus, usually through a bite or scratch from an infected animal, require treatment to avoid death. Top Stories


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