The striking workers at the Goderich salt mine continue to barricade the entrance to keep replacement workers from entering the facility.

The workers say they were told they had until Saturday to remove the barricade of wooden pallets. While they have removed the pallets, they have replaced them with tractors instead.

The pallets were placed at the mine’s entrance last week when the company brought in out-of-province replacement workers.

The employees on strike say they won’t remove the blockade until Compass Minerals is willing to resume negotiations. The company says it won’t negotiate until the barricade comes down.

Compass Minerals says it could seek a court order as early as Monday.

More than 340 miners, electricians and hourly employees have been on the picket line since April 27.

Benefits, seniority and mandatory overtime have been the key issues of contention.

The strike comes after 48 employees were laid off in February, which union officials say was just two weeks before collective bargaining talks were supposed to begin.