LONDON, ONT. -- Admittedly, you might think of barns, when you think of beautiful buildings.

"I know people see the barns from the outside and say, lots of old boards, but you come inside and these hand crafted buildings are the last evidence we have from what our pioneers did," says Jon Radojkovic, from the newly created Ontario Barn Preservation Society. 

Radojkovic, who lives near Chesley, is one of the driving forces behind saving as many of these solemn structures, as possible. Over the past several decades, as farms grow in size, thousands of "bank barns" as they’re known, were demolished. In the past couple of years, a resurgence in small farms, has saved some of the structures. Ontario Barn Preservation, a non-profit group, has the goal of saving more of them from the wrecking ball. 

"There’s a lot of people who’ve come up from the city to buy a farm, and they don’t know what to do with the barn. But, once they take a look inside they say, this is amazing. So, we hope more and more will be preserved," he says. 

Ontario Barn Preservation can’t force anyone to save their barn, but they are doing their best to connect people with the tools they’d need to repair and resurrect these structures, through their website. 

"These are some of the last original structures that we have in Ontario that are still in their original shape. It’s not like an old house that’s been renovated, these barns are still the way they were, when they were built in the 1880’s," says Radojkovic. 

You can go online for more info, and a burgeoning barn directory.