A longtime downtown bar and restaurant are closing, leaving behind lots of fond memories for Londoners.

The Honest Lawyer and Downtown Kathy Brown's have been a staple at Dundas and Clarence Streets for the past 16 years.

They were the sites of many musical performances, the London Music Awards and even charitable turkey dinners.

 “For people my age, that was a good place for us to go for dancing and things, so I’m sad to see it go,” says one patron.

"It was like a Saturday night go-to for the girls if they wanted to hang out," says another.

Janette MacDonald, Downtown London’s executive director, says she's not worried about the closure effecting business in the core

“That block is really, really strong so we are hoping whoever decides to buy it will continue to strengthen the block,” she says.

The bar and restaurant announced on Facebook Monday night it will be closing on Friday.

CTV News was unable to obtain any further information from the owner.