It's another tragic turn in the horrific Costco crash, as the infant who had to be delivered via c-section, has died.

Police confirm that the baby passed away on Friday evening.

The baby was named Rhiannon.

An autopsy is scheduled for Sunday.

Meanwhile, the condition of three-year-old Miah Bozek, whose sister Addison Hall died, has been upgraded to fair.

Her mother, Danah McKinnon-Bozek reportedly remains in good condition.

Miah was one of six people sent to hospital after a red sedan backed into the front doors of the Costco store on Wellington Road on Friday July 22.

Her older sister, six -year-old Addison, died from her injuries on July 24, while her mother - who was eight-months pregnant - had to undergo an emergency C-section to Rhiannon.

Police say an investigation into the collision continues.

No charges have been laid against the driver of the car, an unidentified woman in her 60s.

Police are still looking for witnesses to the crash. 

Anyone who saw the incident should contact the Traffic Management Unit at 519-661-5680.