LONDON, ONT -- The Town of Aylmer has become known across the country for anti-Covid-19 restriction protests and gatherings.

But while those events have occurred, only a small minority of the town’s population participates in them.

It is why more and more residents are speaking out about the other aspects of the community.

Among them a couple who decided to paint Alymer with a different brush.

Linda and Rick Kalmikov have created a video presented as a scrapbook that highlights Aylmer’s spirit.

Perhaps, in any other location and time, the story would end there.

But with Aylmer in the spotlight over the anti-mask rallies and the stand of a local church, the Kalmikov’s are pleased their video has caught positive attention.

“It’s our small part of helping to spread a positive light on Aylmer,” Linda tells CTV News.

She says the idea for the project sprung from a “sadness” many residents are feeling after reading negative comments about Aylmer online.

One particular post touched a nerve for Linda.

She says it falsely attacked the lineage and mindset of residents.

“Like where does that come from, and I feel that comes out of ignorance. And I mean that with all due respect. Not realizing that this impact of the few, the views of the few, are not the views of the many. And that is not what Aylmer is all about.”’

So on Saturday, Linda and Rick grabbed their camera and grabbed images of key spots and key people along with everyday residents. Many photos show acts of kindness.

Once turned into the video and posted thousands have viewed and shared it.

Linda hopes it reminds out-of-towners there is more to the community she’s lived in all her life.

“We want to make sure the neighbours in London, St. Thomas and Tillsonburg and beyond know that is still who we are.”

“This is Aylmer: Our Hometown” can found here.