LONDON, ONT. -- With gyms closed and families at home, people may be finding it difficult to get up off the couch and exercise.

One local motivator has just the remedy for getting up, and having fun in your own space.

Saidat can usually be found entertaining students across Canada with her travelling performances entitled, 'The Saidat Show', but not at the moment.

Although performing live has been put on hold due to the pandemic, COVID-19 is not going to stop Saidat from doing what she does best. Inspire.

Known as the 'Happiness Infuser', Saidat, along with fiancé Kristina have created 'Off the Couch'; a virtual show filmed and edited on a phone at home.

"Off the Couch originated from my desire to continue to create positivity for young people and their families as we are all sitting around the house more than usual," Saidat explained.

"For me, not being able to travel to schools and encourage young people has also been difficult for me to navigate emotionally, as I have made it my mission to promote happiness. So I decided to practice what I preach and provide content on my social media that is upbeat with a short but sweet message that is encouraging."

With over 24 episodes, Off the Couch includes tips on mindfulness, helping other, and of course, dancing.

The response has been encouraging with followers on Instagram, allowing Saidat to continue creating positivity before returning to her touring career when schools reopen.

"Getting off the couch also means that we can still connect with someone while we are at a distance physically."