If you've ever worried that children aren't reading enough these days, then a quick stop at the 'Festival of Trees' event at the Western Fair District should put your mind at rest.

Students from Royal Roads Public School in Ingersoll and dozens of other schools across the region got the opportunity to meet some of their favorite Canadian children's authors and illustrators.

The event was organized by the Ontario Library Association and the London Public Library and drew close to 1,500 students from both the Thames Valley and London District School Board.

Many students, who range from Grade 3 to Grade 8, told CTV News they're avid readers who are anxious to get into their next good read.

Children's author Marsha Forchuk-Skrypuch says "All the kids wo are here, most of them have read at least five books to get here. If you think of that, so these are books that have been chosen by teachers and librarians for their literary excellence, but then children choose to read them because they're good reads. And the thing about books - as opposed to video games or television - there are no commercials. You control when you're going to read it and when you are going to put it down."

The festival included an awards ceremony, local entertainment, workshops by authors, autograph signings, prizes and more.

This is the first time the Festival of Trees was held in London.