LONDON, ONT -- A 43-year-old man is facing several charges including attempted murder following a wild chain of events in West Grey that saw him allegedly attempt to run police off the road and ram a cruiser.

It all began Friday when the suspect attended both the Hanover and West Grey Police stations and threatened the lives of police officers.

The man fled before he could be arrested, but a short time later he was located in a vehicle.

A police pursuit began but the suspect attempted run police off the road which led to them terminating the pursuit for safety reasons.

Police strategically followed the vehicle and attempted to use a spike belt to stop the vehicle.

At that time, the suspect drove directly at a West Grey officer in the roadway, but struck the spike belt.

He then allegedly turned his vehicle around and rammed a cruiser causing extensive damage.

Police were then able to arrest the man from Ferndale.

He has since been changed with Attempt Murder, Assault with a Weapon, Dangerous Driving, Utter Threats X2, Flight from Peace Officer X2.

He remains in custody pending a bail hearing.