London police have laid nine charges against a 25-year-old London man in connection with a shooting in the area of Admiral Drive and Trafalgar Street.

The shooting on May 11 left a 21-year-old man with serious injuries, including two broken vertebrae and smashed teeth, after the bullet entered through his cheek.

The driver was shot while stopped at a stop sign in what police have called a random attack.

On Tuesday, police say Jonathan Lovo-Mayorga was arrested and charged in connection with the incident.

The charges include attempted murder as well as eight other firearms and weapons-related offences.

Still, a $10,000 reward announced by London police in August remains in effect until the end of the year, says Det.-Sgt. Alex Krygsman.

“Yesterday’s arrest and these charges are the result of information gathered both prior to and after the announcement of the reward...We continue to urge those who have information, and we know there are people out there who do, to contact us."

Lovo-Mayorga was being held in custody pending a court appearance on Wednesday.