Two London police officers, each facing a charge of assault causing bodily harm, were cleared in court Thursday.

Rick Robson of the London Police Association says, "This is a prime example of a very dynamic situation, where two officers were being assaulted. The subject was resistive and what it taught these two officers, and likely others, is that they did everything exactly right and they were still arrested and charged, and had to wait for a trial to be vindicated. My biggest concern is what that does to the mindset of officers who are in the heat of the moment."

Const. Gareth Harris and Const. Ryan Hendrick were charged in 2014 following an investigation by Ontario's Special Investigations Unit.

The investigation stemmed from an altercation during the arrest of then 27-year-old Charles Snodgrass in November 2013.

The incident left Snodgrass with visible injuries for which he was treated in hospital.

At the time, Snodgrass was also charged with several criminal counts, including assaulting police and resisting arrest.

The judge found that Snodgrass did indeed assault both officers physically before they restrained him.

Both officers can now return to full, active duty.