The school year is done and students are moving home, leaving behind plenty of leftovers.

Anthony Bunag is moving out along with many other students in the city.

He's sickened by the mess students leave in their wake.

"I think there's a tonne of waste. It could definitely be put to better use. Donate it or something or give it to someone else. There's a lot of good stuff still in that pile," says Bunag.

But Western and Fanshawe are doing their part to limit the trash.

Both schools have set up a furniture depot where students can drop off furniture or pick it up for no cost.

"When we started this, we were getting complaints about the amount of good furniture that's just being thrown into the garbage," says Glenn Matthews with the Off-Campus Housing Department with western University.

Some students put their garbage out days before pickup, but dumpsters have been provided in and around campus.

The city also encourages any type of recycling as they ensure the rest of the community is not bothered by the abundance of garbage.

The city's Waste Management Department says that this year is pretty well the norm in terms of complaints.

"We recognize that this week there's a lot at move-out, so there's a bit of leeway in terms of property maintenance, but we'll be right back into doing reactive enforcement on lot and maintenance issues" says Orest Katolyk, Property Standards Bylaw Manager.