LONDON, ONT. -- After being under a cloud of suspicion for years, a Parkhill, Ont.-area family is now relieved to know that someone has been charged in connection with the death of their infant son.

Nathaniel McLellan was only 15 months old when he collapsed and was rushed to hospital from his day care in Strathroy in the fall of 2015.

On Wednesday, police arrested and charged Meggin Van Hoof, 42, with manslaughter in the case. She was the child’s babysitter.

McLellan family lawyer Maia Bent, who is also handing a civil suit in connection with the death, says this is what the family has been waiting for.

“The overwhelming thing they are feeling right now is relief that they might finally be getting, at last, some justice for their child Nate,” says Bent.

For some time the McLellan family were under suspicion in this case.

“I think they’re relieved that they are no longer persons of interest in this investigation,” adds Bent. “Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare and so while they are trying to grieve their baby there was a cloud of suspicion that’s really compounding the trauma that they felt over losing their baby.”

Bent says the McLellans will now have to endure the criminal case, which could take some time.

“They are very resilient but they have been through a lot and I think this is the first step in the healing process for them.”