LONDON, ONT -- An abandoned village is waiting for the souls brave enough to wander her streets this Halloween, but in a socially distant manner of course.

With COVID-19 affecting just about every type of event this year, it was a safe assumption that the usual haunts around the city wouldn’t be operating as normal.

However, the Byron Scary House is not giving up on fright in the face of COVID-19 and is instead upping its game this year.

Teaming up with Fanshawe Pioneer Village three buildings will be transformed into the “Abadoned Village” a haunted attraction never before seen at the Village.

Here is the legend behind the Village:

The legend goes that when a freak storm cut off the Village from the surrounding area things got nasty. The Villagers turned on one another and did what was necessary to survive. In the months of isolation that followed an old dark secret rose out of the past and plunged the Village into chaos. Many of the Villagers were never found again, and those that were discovered, were merely remains. Now, once in a Blue Moon, the ghosts of The Abandoned Village return. Will you survive your visit, or will you be added to their ranks?

The team says that due to the current COVID-19 situation the necessary safety protocols are being put in place to make sure this is a safe and responsible experience.

Staff will be monitoring queuing areas while the guest entrance will be staggered. The attraction will be walked in single file, with no wandering or gathering. The frightening experience is touch-free, without any hanging obstructions and all staff and guests will be required to wear masks at all times.

They do however guarantee that they will be able to scare you at six feet away.

The Village will run Oct. 21-25 and 27-31.

The experience is recommended for 14+ years of age. Advance booking suggested, tickets are $18, and face masks are required through the entirety of the experience.

For more information visit

The only question that remains? Are you brave enough?