LONDON, ONT. -- Shelter animals at the Humane Society London and Middlesex will have a brighter Christmas thanks to the efforts of a city woman.

Jannine Landry-Mills has been raising funds to purchase pet toys, blankets and other supplies for the past eight years.

Her goal each year has been to fill her large SUV.

But, in 2020, Landry-Mills says donations dried up.

“A short while ago, I had three donations, in total, as COVID really hurt things.”

Desperate to help, she went to the boss of her Cambridge, Ont.-based company, Fibernetics, and asked for his help.

In the past, Landry-Mills said he’d always come up with an appreciated donation.

But with her predicament, he instead gave her a challenge.

He asked Landry-Mills to write a letter about how a donation to her cause would help the animals.

What Landry-Mills didn’t know is her boss had a plan for that letter.

Jannine Landry-Mills with 'London'
Jannine Landry-Mills is seen in this undated photo with one of the pets she adopted. The dog, named London, has since passed away, but Landry-Mills has adopted three other dogs. (Source: Jannine Landry-Mills)

A few days later, during an online meeting, her boss read her heartfelt note to all staff before announcing the company would match - times two - any donations made.

Landry-Mills says that has resulted in over $4,000 worth of products for the humane society with a further $1,500 expected.

It is enough to fill her SUV not once, but twice.

The first load arrived at the shelter Wednesday morning and a second will arrive on Christmas Eve.

Landry-Mills says she started the donation campaign to help animals, like those she has adopted. She currently has three rescue dogs in her family.

The yearly donation, on Dec. 23, also coincides with her birthday.