A London man has been sentenced to eight years in prison in the death of another man 

Steven Antone pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of James Willits back in April.

On Friday he received his sentence in a London courtroom and he will serve it at a facility for Aboriginal offenders.

Court heard that Willits was attacked and stomped on over a pill that it was believed Willits had taken at an apartment in March 2015.

The judge called it a brutal and senseless act of violence.

Antone was arrested in May of that year and charged with second-degree murder.

His co-accused, Travis Chrisjohn, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault earlier.

Brandon Nichols had been charged with second-degree murder but the charge was later dropped.

Willits lives on through his young daughter family members said outside of court.

Willitts' mother Cathy said the family has been able to forgive Antone, even though what he did was wrong.