LONDON, ONT. -- The Office for the Solicitor General has confirmed a 41-year-old man died Wednesday night at Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre, and an investigation into the death is underway.

"When a death involving an inmate occurs, it is the subject of multiple investigations," says Andrew Morrison, a spokesperson for the office of the Solicitor General. "The Office of the Chief Coroner conducts a death investigation to determine cause and manner of death. The ministry conducts a mandatory internal investigation to determine whether all ministry policies and procedures were followed with respect to the care and custody of the deceased."

Kevin Egan, a partner with Mackenzie Lake Lawyers has defending the families of inmates who have died. Since the first inquest he took part in 2009, there have been at least 16 deaths at the detention centre. He believes it’s time for a new facility to be built to address the safety issues that plague EMDC. 

"The most recent jury recommendation was, that they replace it with something that is more suitable. And that's the same recommendation that was made by the Ontario Human Rights commissioner. And so, I think that is the ultimate solution," says Egan. 

Few details have been released pertaining to the circumstances of the death, but another inquest is possible. 

"Should the coroner determine that the death was anything other than natural causes, an inquest would be called. Should the death result from natural causes, an inquest would be at the discretion of the coroner." says Morrison