WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW: Officials at the London Humane Society are expressing outrage after several cases of animal cruelty in just the last few days.

A puppy was found found wandering near Lucan, north of London, that had been shot 19 times with a pellet gun.

The young female mixed-breed dog was discovered by a veterinarian on an area road, and taken to a clinic for treatment before being brought to the London Humane Society.

Judy Foster, executive director of the London Humane Society, says, "I'm outraged that this is happening in our community."

She adds that thankfully no organs were hit in the pellet gun attack and the puppy is expected to make a full recovery and be available for adoption.

The humane society is looking for any information on who is responsible for injuring the dog.

They are also looking to find out who may have been involved in discarding two coyote carcasses in the city's east end.

The pair were found by passersby, skinned and beheaded, behind a business in the Clarke Road and Trafalgar Street area.

The Ministry of Natural Resources had to be called in to confirm they were in fact coyotes, and not dogs.

Investigators say it is not illegal to hunt coyotes, but it is illegal to dispose of their remains in this manner.

Anyone with information about either case is asked to call Crime Stoppers or the London Humane Society.

Animal cruelty conviction

In an unrelated case, a London man has pleaded guilty to two counts of animal cruelty after a 12-week-old kitten was found with an injury caused by blunt force trauma to the head.

The 22-year-old was sentenced to 18 months probation and a 15-year ban on caring for animals.

He's also been ordered to pay $700 restitution to the humane society.