The nomination meeting is off, and Andrew Lawton has been declared the Progressive Conservative candidate for the riding of London West.

  Lawton announced he was running for the nomination on April 11th.

  The announcement came shortly after restructuring had cost Lawton his job as a radio talk show host in London.

  He was set to face-off against Thames Valley District School Board Trustee Jake Skinner and Liz Snelgrove, Executive Director of the Advanced Medical Group.

  In a news release issued early Saturday afternoon, the P.C.  Party announced the remaining 11 provincial ridings that didn’t have Tory candidates would have those positions filled by appointment.

  London West is currently held by N.D.P. M.P.P. Peggy Sattler. 

  Businessman Jonathan Hughes is the lone candidate seeking the nomination for the Liberals in the riding.