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'An expensive setback': Bakery owner frustrated after store window vandalized

When the store manager at La Noisette Bakery arrived Thursday morning to open the small shop on Oxford Street, she discovered that one of the two large circular windows at the side of their building was shattered.

The store has been open in the same location for eight years. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the owners have dealt with this situation.

Back in 2018, the same window was broken, and it cost the owners about $5,000 to replace it.

It’s unclear how the window was damaged, but a point of impact is visible in the centre of the window that caused the thick glass to completely shatter.

The store is open and is operating as usual.

Although, the owner feels deflated, posting to social media “We are a small business. To you it’s just broken glass, to me it’s an expensive setback.”

The window at La Noisette bakery was smashed overnight into March 30, 2023. (Reta Ismail/CTV News London) Top Stories

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